Look Who Is PROFITING As Inflation Soars

Many cities aren’t happy about this!

As inflation continues to surge across the United States, many Americans are turning to stores like Dollar General and Dollar Tree and cities aren’t happy!

According to Fox Business, cities are now actually trying to limit the amount of growth of these dollar stores because other food and drugs stores such as Walgreens are being put out of business due to inflation.

“Dollar stores are the No. 1 driver of food deserts at this point,” said Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. 

Dollar stores are quickly outpacing other stores in comparison.

There are currently over 34,000 dollar stores in America and due to inflation they continue to see a lot of business while places like Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and other simply cant keep up due to the inflation under President Joe Biden.

Furthermore, Fox Business said, It has forced communities in New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Cleveland, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Tulsa, Mesquite and Kansas City, Kansas to push back and enact policies that limit the number of stores in these cities. 

Many experts are claiming that dollars stores actually do more harm than good for the lower income communities than people realize.

People have even began to joke about just how many dollar stores are popping up in their areas:

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