Chick-fil-A Faces Economic Pains

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As the economy continues to struggle amid the COVID-19 pandemic and unemployment issues under the leadership of President Joe Biden, Chick-fil-A is facing the burden with two locations being forced to shut down their dining rooms due to being unable to hire enough staff to manage the restaurants.

According to Fox Business, both Chick-fil-A restaurants are located in Alabama and the restaurants took to social media to further explain their difficult predicament.

The Madison County Chick-fil-A wrote on social media, “We, along with many businesses, are in the middle of a hiring crisis. We are doing everything we can to hire more team members. We are seeing far less job applicants or people not showing up for their interviews. The restaurant industry has suffered from a hiring perspective during the pandemic, and unfortunately Chick-fil-A is not immune to this labor shortage.”

“Unfortunately, because of this issue, we are having to temporarily close our dining room, turn off our mobile curbside ordering option, as well as our mobile carryout option. This was done to help reduce the stress on the team members we currently have but also to be able to still provide you with the Chick-fil-A experience you expect, just through a limited venue. We have some of the best team members in the world. They work hard every day, but they are tired and overextended. We have grown tremendously, but we need to add to our roster.
The good news is we are committed to serving our community. We are committed to great food served by amazing people. Our drive thru and mobile drive-thru ordering option will remain open as we seek more help!”

The restaurant added, “We want nothing more than to get back to normal as soon as possible. We are working tirelessly to alleviate this issue and hope to be returning all services as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and your family, and we thank you for your patience and continued support as we move through this difficult season.”

Then Chick-fil-A McCalla shared a similar sentiments and added, “We are very appreciative, but our team cannot continue at the pace we are at. Our team members are exhausted and there is no relief for them in our roster.

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