Biden Giving Illegal Immigrants Stimulus in New Plan, Do you Agree?

Biden Build Back Better Plan Gives Money To Illegals, Do You Agree?

Ocasio-Cortez SCREWS Over Biden

As the Democrat party continues to grow further divided, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just raised the stakes and is now threatening her own party and President Biden to vote “NO” on the infrastructure bill if Democrats don’t provide more details on what is going to be in the larger social spending bill.

According to Yahoo, Ocasio-Cortez claimed, “I don’t see how ethically I can vote to increase U.S. climate emissions,” AOC then claimed that Biden’s “framework” for his “Build Back Better” plan doesn’t have enough details to convince her otherwise.

”We’ve had frameworks for six months.” Ocasio-Cortez further noted. ”And we’ve seen how much those frameworks have changed, been taken back, etc. We need text. You know, we need text. I think we can talk a little bit, there’s flexibility around process, but we need confirmed text.”