Restaurants Solution To Labor Shortage

Here is how they are surviving the labor shortage…

It is now being reported that many restaurants and ghost kitchen’s are now testing several different types of robotics and other automated technologies to increase the speed of service and fill the labor shortage which has affected an unprecedented number of companies due to the pandemic which has yet to be resolved.

According to CNBC, technology companies such as Miso Robotics and Richtech are developing robotics for restaurants and dining rooms.

Economist don’t believe the labor shortage will be solved anytime soon.

Miso Robotics has developed a robot called Flippy 2 which can actually work at the fry station. “The fry station is one of those jobs, it’s tough to do,” Mike Bell Miso Robotics CEO said. “It’s monotonous, sometimes it’s dangerous, and it’s pretty repetitive. So it was a perfect opportunity for automation robotics to step in and help brands like Buffalo Wild Wings.”