Look Who Biden Just Financially Crippled

This is really bad news for some.

Now that the eviction moratorium is finally over, millions of tenants across the country will have to pay back landlords for several months of rent that they, in all reality, most likely don’t have.

While this is bad news for the tenants, it is equally bad if not worse for the landlords who will have to evict many residents and somehow find replacements in an already floundering economy. Sadly, Biden and the Democrats don’t have any answers for them and who knows what will actually happen.

Fox’s Stuart Varney has a similar sentiment. “Spare a thought for landlords,” Varney said. “They don’t get much sympathy, but they should. Especially the landlord with just a couple of houses to rent out, or just a couple of rooms in their own house. They have no voice. And many of them have lost big-time.”

Varney added, “In some states, tenants are allowed to use their security deposit as rent. Ok, but when they leave, the landlord has nothing for repairs. And repairs are often necessary. That landlord is out $65,000.”

While so much as been done for America’s most struggling Americans, what will be done for those who own properties and depend on that income? Biden and his administration currently doesn’t have an answer.

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