Is Trump Responsible For Supply Crisis and High Gas Prices?

Is Trump Responsible For Supply Chain Crisis and High Gas Prices?

Here what is missing from stores now…

As the supply chain crisis gets worse, more stuff is missing from the shelves. We have already alerted you twice before regarding everyday items that Americans aren’t able to find on their local grocery store and convenience store shelves, now even more products are in short supply.

Thanks to Yahoo, here is what else is more difficult to find as we head into the holiday season:

Toys – If you have little ones to get gifts for this Christmas, we strongly recommend you get to your local stores and stock up on their presents now before it is too late!

Thanksgiving turkeys – While it appears that most Americans will get the turkeys they want, you may have difficulty find the right size turkey for your Thanksgiving feast. So please be conscious and prepare accordingly.

Christmas trees – According to the The American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA), yes that’s really a thing, it appears the Americans will have difficulty finding both real and artificial Christmas trees this year. Hopefully, you still have an old artificial tree in up in your attic somewhere.