Fox Host Warns Of Massive Risk To Stock Market

Lets hope this isn’t true.

Recently on FOX Business’ Varney & Co, Host Stuart Varney warned that Democrats will see just how wealthy Wall Street has gotten and will attempt to take that money to push for socialist plans such as free healthcare, the Green New Deal and more.

According to Fox Business, Varney stated, “The Wilshire Index puts the value of all stocks at $45 trillion. That’s a pile of wealth!”

He then said, “And it’s up $5.9 trillion just in 2021. The socialists look at this and they’re furious. All that money, and they can’t get their hands on it. But watch out, they’re going to try.”

Adding, “They desperately need the cash to build their socialist dream: free health care, free education, free money, the Green New Deal — they all cost a fortune. So, go after the last untapped pool of wealth: Wall Street!”

Varney then warned that they will attempt to take Wall Street’s wealth by implementing Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax as well as doubling the capital gains tax and even pushing for ridiculous estate taxes.

Varney later added, “So they are down to their last good option: grab a chunk of that $45 trillion worth of stock market wealth.”

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