Democrat’s Shocking Claim About Inflation

They seem very confident.

As the nations begins to grow ever more concerned about inflation rising in the United States, many House Democrats are suggesting that it’s nothing to worry about.

In a new video from America Rising PAC, one House Democrat, Rep. Cindy Axne, blatantly told a concerned citizen that claims about inflation rising was simply “false information”.

You read that correctly, Rep. Cindy Axne said inflation rising was not real.

In transcript provided by Fox, an audience member asked Axne, “Are you concerned about the rising gas prices and the rise in the cost of consumer goods here in Iowa and in America?”

“Listen, I’ll tell you what,” Axne said. “Our economy is on a great track right now. I’m assuming you’re talking about a lot of the false advertisements that are out there. You know what? Here’s the deal. They’re comparing any of the costs against last year. I’d say we had a few things increase because we were in the middle of COVID, so no, I’m not concerned about a false advertisement.” 


Other Democrats are seeming to follow suit and are also saying that inflation isn’t a serious concern right now.

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