Democrat COOKS UP Inflation Excuse For Biden

Here’s what she had to say…

As many Americans struggle to pay for their Thanksgiving turkey’s this year, Sen.¬†Elizabeth Warren attempted to give President Biden a helping hand and is now accusing the poultry industry of participating in anti-competitive practices and wants to launch an investigation.

Warren believes that the rising cost of turkey’s wasn’t caused by Biden’s inflation or supply chain crisis but rather it was simply corporate greed.

It’s strange that Warren waited just a day or two before Thanksgiving to call for the launch of this investigation, however she did it anyways.

According to Fox Business, Warren believes that turkey companies have engaged in excessive consolidation, price-fixing and “plain old corporate greed.”

“Given the apparent connection between rising poultry prices for consumers and the history of anticompetitive practices in the poultry industry, I ask that you open a broad investigation into the impact of price-fixing, wage-fixing, and consolidation in the poultry industry on consumers and farmers,” Warren said.

Since last year, the cost of Turkey is up an astounding 24%.

The turkey industry has blamed the supply-chain disruptions and inflation for the increases in pricing but Warren isn’t buying it.