Biden’s Big Plan For Electric Cars

Here’s his plan…

In the hopes of cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, President Joe Biden just revealed his plan to make half of all vehicles in the United States electric by 2030.

Biden said that climate change was a big problem and that encouraging more sales of electric vehicles would help fight the problem.

According to Yahoo News, Biden said, “The biggest thing that’s happening here is there’s a realization, on the part of both labor and business now, that this is the future. We can’t sit by.”

U.S. and foreign automakers celebrated Biden’s decision and also suggested that they would need billions of dollars in government funding to accomplish Biden’s 50% goal.

Some climate change groups however are unhappy with Biden’s deal because the agreement is not legally binding since no contracts were actually signed.

Biden has also pushed back against fellow Democrats who are demanding him to sign legal contracts to ensure more electric vehicles adoption.

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