Biden Trips Over – Video

President Biden once again humiliated himself in front of the American people after he tried to campaign for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who is fighting to win a very close race for governor in Virginia.

According to Fox News, Biden attempted to promote McAuliffe when on stage and made a total fool of himself and likely ended up hurting McAuliffe’s chances when he began senselessly rambling once again leaving the entire audience completely confused.

When on stage, Biden stated, “In fact, we’re taking a page from Terry’s book when he was governor and when he’d be governor next time. We’re emerging from this pandemic…we want to expand pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds — millions of [inaudible] students.”

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The moment was so confusing the Republican National Committee actually mocked Biden and posed the clip to their Twitter account.


Biden has humiliated himself multiple times this week alone. Biden was mocked during a recent CNN town hall when he stood completely frozen for almost half a minute with his arms locked and fists clenched.