Biden To Forgive Student Loan Debt?

Here’s what we know so far…

During his run for Presidency, Joe Biden promised to push for student loan debt forgiveness for every American across the country. Since winning the Presidency, Biden has spoken little about the topic.

Now, according to Yahoo News, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is urging Biden to stick to his promise to remove $50,000 for every American in debt to student loans while Biden is only pushing for a forgiveness of $10,000 in debt.

Schumer has vowed to do everything he can to get $50,000 debt removed for those paying off high amounts of student debt.

“We said, ‘We’re going to keep at it until you do this,’ and to his credit, he said, ‘Go ahead.’ He’s talked about 10 thousand — that’s not enough,” Schumer stressed. “We’re keeping the pressure on him.

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