Biden Admits Defeat, Republicans Rejoice [Update]

Biden took a major loss!

Update 2: Then Lies

Update: One More Loss for Biden?

Democrats are haggling over whether to drop two of the most popular elements of their social spending bill as negotiations reach the zero hour, according to a half-dozen sources close to the discussions. 

While high-level talks on the $1 trillion-plus package are ongoing, lawmakers, staffers, advocates and lobbyists said that a plan to expand Medicare with dental, vision and hearing benefits for tens of millions of seniors — as well as a pitch to guarantee paid family and medical leave to all U.S. workers — is now in danger of getting cut from the bill entirely.

During a recent CNN town hall, President Biden was forced to admit that the Democrats simply do not have enough votes to raise corporate taxes in his massive reconciliation bill.

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According to Axios, the Democrats are still in the negotiation process of figuring out what will go into the bill and there is still massive division within the party itself.

It appears that President Biden has given in the Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and other moderates and will not raise taxes on corporations and high-earners. Pelosi appears to have accepted the decision as well.

“Look, when you’re … President of the United States and you have 50 Democrats [in the Senate], everyone is a president,” Biden attempted to explain following his loss.

Furthermore, Biden’s plan to fund free community college for all Americans also appears to be dead in the water and they have been forced take it out of the bill.